MiXR Lab is located on the harbour in Aarhus and is a constituted part of Filmby Aarhus, a secretariat under the municipality of Aarhus.

The purpose of MiXR is to propagate the knowledge and utilization of new technologies in, primarily, businesses working with film, TV, games, and animation.

Therefore, MiXR hosts workshops, open labs, events, and company-oriented processes about new technologies – all the while working actively to create new networks and cooperation’s.

It is primarily the business partners of MiXR, some of the best in Denmark at producing content utilizing new technologies, that oversee the activities in MiXR. The business partners are the educational institution of VIA Film & Transmedia and the companies MANND, AATE VR, Rokoko Electronics, and Crash.

All MiXRs activities are free, since MiXR is funded by the municipality of Aarhus and Danmarks Erhvervsfremmebestyrelse under Erhvervsstyrelsen, who wish to strengthen businesses use of new technologies, for the benefit of both their domestic and their international competitiveness.


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Technologies in MiXR Lab

  • XR/Extended Reality: Encompasses the technologies VR, AR, and MR
  • VR/Virtual Reality: A technology where the user is in a completely digital world
  • AR/Augmented Reality: A technology where the user can see a combination of the real world and a digital world
  • MR/Mixed Reality: A combination of VR and AR
  • Virtual Production: Has the capability to combine recordings of real scenes with the incorporation of computer-generated contents
  • Motion Capture: A technology that can record and thereafter digitalize movements
  • 3D-scanning: Creates three-dimensional versions of rooms and objects